Earth tu Face

Exfoliating Organic Salt Scrub

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Earth tu Face combines pure salt from the Dead Sea with organic plant oils to create this beautiful exfoliating blend that leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. Fresh uplifting botanicals provide a lovely light herbal scent. The result is a therapeutic body scrub inspired by Ayurvedic health principles that exfoliates and moisturises the body in the bath or shower. 

How it works

Detoxifying sea salt stimulates circulation of the lymphatic system. Dead skin cells are scrubbed away while organic oil is absorbed for moisture. Botanical extracts of basil leaves, bergamot, flowers and a hint of citrus invigorate the body and uplift the mood. 

  • Massage a handful of Salt Scrub into the skin in the shower or bath. Rinse thoroughly and skip the moisturiser.

    A generous scoop of Salt Scrub can also be added to your bath for a detoxifying herbal soak.

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