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Eco Tan

Face Tan Water

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Eco Tan's Face Tan Water is a gradual tanning toner for face, neck and décolletage, building with repeated application to create a perfect sun-kissed glow. Its non-comedogenic, lightweight formula applies just like a toner and its anti-acne and anti-ageing formulation hydrates the skin.

Suitable for all skin tones, Face Tan Water was voted the Most Innovative Beauty Product of Spring/Summer 2016 by Cosmopolitan beauty experts.

  • Brightens & evens skin tone reducing the need for foundation/make up
  • Blend of aloe vera, orange peel and rose geranium
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, artificial orange dyes, parabens & GMOs
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients.
  • For best results, we recommend the following steps:

    1. Wash your face at night and then apply Face Tan Water to clean, dry skin before bed. Apply either with your fingers or a cotton face pad. Whatever works best for you!

    2. For best results, wait at least 7 hours for tan to develop before washing your face. So sleep tight knowing you aren’t putting any nasty, synthetic chemicals on your face.

    3. Wake up with a beautiful, natural glow and follow your normal morning skin routine. You can wash your face, moisturise and apply foundation if necessary. Avoid products containing oil or soap that will strip tan and make it uneven and patchy.

    4. Receive compliments left, right and centre because of your beautiful skin achieved through natural beauty.

    To build colour, we recommend applying Face Tan Water over consecutive nights. To maintain your facial glow, we recommend applying Face Tan Water two to three times a week.

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