Making it easy to shop your values

Ecoture is built on the understanding that our consumption of fashion shouldn't be at the cost of the planet or its human and animal occupants. Many ethical brands focus on one or two of these aspects, but we believe that all three are key to a happier, healthier, fairer and more sustainable world.

Before bringing a brand into the Ecoture family, we undertake extensive research into its eco and ethical credentials, and only when we're satisfied that these measure up, do we lay out the welcome mat.

Then, to make shopping your personal values easier, we use icons on each product on the site to help you quickly identify which values box(es) each ticks. Currently, our icons cover:

 Cruelty-free heart icon

The Cruelty-Free icon indicates that a product (and all of its ingredients) was not tested on animals during any phase of its development.

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Ethically Made
Ethically made globe icon

Products noted as ethically made have been manufactured not only to minimise the associated harm of production, but also strive to take an active role in poverty reduction, sustainable livelihood creation and minimising and counteracting environmental concerns.

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Handmade needles icon

Truly one of a kind, products marked as Handmade have been created by skilled artisans, rather than via automated machine-based processes, often using techniques passed down through generations.

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Natural leaf icon

Products featuring the Natural icon are made either entirely or largely from ingredients present in or produced naturally, with only minimal physical processing.

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Organic badge icon

Organic ingredients and materials are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers sewage sludge, genetically-modified organisms or ionising radiation.

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Sustainable hands icon

Sustainable products are those that provide environmental, social or economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare and the environment over their full lifecycle.

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Up-cycled / Recycled
Up-cycled / recycled arrows icon

Our Up-Cycled / Recycled icon will point you in the direction of products with recycled and/or up-cycled components.

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Vegan bunny icon

Products with the Vegan bunny icon contain absolutely no animal products or by-products.

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Vegetarian carrot icon

Products labelled with the Vegetarian carrot icon do not contain any by-products of animal slaughter, but may contain ingredients sourced from animals, such as honey and beeswax.

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