Pre-order terms & conditions

Pre-order items are items that are not in stock and that will be made to order by the relevant supplier. The following conditions apply to all pre-ordered goods: 

1. A deposit is required at the time of placing an order. The relevant deposit amount will be displayed on the pre-order item. 

2. An invoice for the balance owing will be issued to your approximately 7 days before the item is ready for dispatch. The outstanding amount must be paid in full prior to the order being sent out from our warehouse. 

3. Should the balance not be paid within 7 days of the invoice date, we will treat the order as cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited. 

4. The timeframe for fulfilment for a pre-order will vary, depending on the specific item ordered. We will provide you a 'best estimate' at the time of placing your order and will update you should there be any changes. Delivery timeframes may be impacted by manufacturing delays, Customs, etc. 

5. A refund of the deposit amount for change of mind may be requested within 7 days of placing your order. Any cancellations outside this timeframe will be treated as a cancellation and will result in the deposit amount being forfeited. 

6. You may be able to use Afterpay for the deposit and/or balance of a pre-order item. These will be two seperate transactions. Please note that a $1,000.00 limit applies to individual Afterpay transactions.

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