Ecoture is committed to the safety of our staff, partners and customers. 

After a short closure while we assessed the implications of the COVID-19 crisis on the business, we've reopened for a massive sale. Everything on the site has been reduced (up to 80% off RRP). Sales will of course help us through these difficult times, but we also hope that the discounts we're offering can help you.

While international supply chains are disrupted, we've hidden products we can't currently guarantee the timely delivery of.

That means that everything currently on site is available locally. However, to minimise the risk to ourselves and our delivery drivers, we won't be shipping as frequently during this period. We're absolutely committed to operating in a way that minimises unnecessary risks to the wider community, and are taking every precaution to ensure that we, and everyone we come into contact with, is safe.

We'll be closely monitoring the ever-changing COVID-19 situation and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.

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And if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Please stay safe, healthy (and sane) during these turbulent times.

Rebecca & Caitlin