Sometimes the spark for something amazing comes from an unexpected event ...

For us, it was an exploding smoothie that wrecked the much-loved Matt & Nat handbag of our Director of Brand, Caitlin, and the realisation of just how difficult it could be to find beautiful fashion and accessories that were also ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free. 

So we decided: Let's bring incredible ethical brands together in one platform for an easy, positive shopping experience.

That's how Ecoture was created.

Easy to find, buy & believe in

We've made it as easy to put together an entirely sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free wardrobe as any 'normal' wardrobe; where your desire to look great aligns with the principles you stand for.

We source a wide range of quality brands from all over the world, with every product earning its place on its fashion and eco-ethical credentials. Because fashion shouldn't come at an unacceptable cost to the planet or its human and animal occupants.

Values, meet beauty

Being committed to making a difference through the choice we make shouldn't come at the expense of how good we look. 'Values, meet Beauty' gives you a clear indication of what you can expect from our brand. It reflects the personality and ethos that make Ecoture what it is.

We believe Ecoture occupies a unique space, where principles and fashion come together to create an experience that is both life-affirming and self-expressive.

It is the space for conversations and community. It highlights that we are driven by more than sales and margins, and act as a meeting place for shared attitudes and actions.

We want to be the connector that fulfils and connects the aspirations and intent of two communities:

  • consumers with clear values and a defined need for quality apparel, accessories and beauty products that match their life and style choices; and
  • designers with a passion to craft beautiful pieces that reflect their individuality and beliefs.

This joining of belief and personal expression (fashion being a powerful and unique form of expression) seems like a 'perfect fit'.

Our values

Who we are and what we do is all to do with our 'Why?':

Belief - that leading by example through insights, engagement and support can inform how people think and act, and impact the world we're a part of.

Positivity - about the kind of future we can create, and the role we can play in making that happen.

Clarity - around what's important, like the eco-ethical criteria for the designers we select, and the quality of life and remuneration for communities that work with us.

Creativity - in every sense: supporting personal expression and the desire to design and create things of beauty.

Openness - to other perspectives without judgement or condescension; to own a space based on positive choices and affirmative mindsets.

Join our community that cares

At Ecoture, creating this community of like-minded people (who also happen to be customers and designers) will be one of our biggest successes.

We're not here to preach or protest, but to highlight the importance of removing the cruelty and insensitivity from the buying experience. We'd like you to join us in being part of something that makes us feel good on every level, and does good, too.

Your story is our story

Throughout history, stories have helped build communities and remove bias and ignorance. By sharing our stories, we can connect, engage, inform and attract. Each of our designers has stories about what drives their desire to create. Every customer has a story about the reason for the choices they make.

We want you to share your stories with our growing (and global) community, to reset preconceptions around values-based fashion choices and highlighting the importance and benefits of adopting a kinder way of life.