Noumenon Surplus Fabric Dena Trousers - Taupe | EcotureNoumenon Surplus Fabric Dena Trousers - Taupe | Ecoture
Save $150

Dena Trousers | Taupe

$149 $299
Noumenon Linen Carrie Dress - Cosmic Latte | EcotureNoumenon Linen Carrie Dress - Cosmic Latte | Ecoture
Save $110

Carrie Dress | Cosmic Latte

$109 $219

#ChangeTheGame ... and look awesome while you're doing it!

Noumenon was founded in 2016 by AMFI alumna Dena Simaite with the idea to combine ethics with aesthetics.

Inspired by the Noumenal world of the philosopher Immanuel Kant, Dena's vision was to create cruelty-free fashion that's ethically produced as well as sophisticated. The result is timeless garments for the conscious woman that are both beautiful and comfortable. The collection is made of linen, up-cycled and organic cotton, and alternative fibres such as modal, ramie and lyocell (tencel).

Noumenon has a 'Good' rating from trusted ethical ratings platform Good on You.

Noumenon logo | Noumenon women's sophisticated ethical designer fashion at Ecoture

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