Combining ethics & sustainability with Italian style & quality

Founded in 2009, NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes produces luxe Italian handmade shoes, bags and accessories that are not only beautiful, but ethically made and 100% vegan. Created by a small number of worker-friendly companies in Italy, NOAH offers fashionable, high-quality vegan goods while respecting the environment, animals and human health. Maintaining the style, quality and comfort that is synonymous with Italian footwear, cutting-edge and sustainable technologies are used to create materials that are breathable, resistant to scratch and wear, non-toxic, partly recycled and recyclable. Noah ensures a superior fit, and a high standard of aesthetics and sustainability. NOAH is a PETA-approved vegan brand.

NOAH has a 'Good' rating from trusted ethical ratings platform Good on You.

NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes logo | NOAH Italian made women's designer vegan shoes and bags at Ecoture