Contemporary luxury women's cruelty-free fashion

Delikate Rayne was founded by sisters Komie and Meg Vora. Raised in the US and of East Indian background, they defied expectations and social norms by pursuing their love of fashion with no formal industry experience. Abandoning convention, they fuse elegant, high-end design with inventive youthful fashion, aiming to empower and inspire women to find their own beauty. The resulting style is one they describe as grunge-glam.

Using animal-free textiles and sustainable vegan leather, Delikate Rayne wants to challenge preconceptions of animal-free garments through the use of clean lines and impeccable craftsmanship to produce timeless pieces. Products are made in limited quantities in order to reduce waste and lower carbon emissions, and are produced by a family owned and operated manufacturing company in the US. Delikate Rayne eschews the exploitation that is inextricably linked with fast fashion in order to offer a genuine and creative alternative.

Delikate Rayne has a 'Good' rating from trusted ethical ratings platform Good on You.

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