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Innovative luxury for today's conscious consumer

Motivated by a utopian vision of living in nature and the modern world, Altiir is creating luxury garments for today's conscious individual. The brand's creators tap into the late 60s rock'n'roll counter-culture of artists like Jagger, Bowie and Hendrix - who once inspired a revolution - to start a new one.

Through the engineered design of innovative, sustainable textiles into genuine luxury garments, Altiir intends to lead by example. Dedicated to taking positive action in the fashion industry, the brand does not compromise on quality, style or the essence of what it stands for.

Altiir's debut collection is a take on vintage tailored biker jackets, reimagined in a range of natural and metallic colours, engineered with the pioneering Pinãtex 'pineapple leather'. Unlike traditional leather, this material positively impacts the environment while reducing waste and promoting social, cultural and ecological development. Altiir is combining this innovative technology with the finest components the luxury market has to offer.

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