Welcome to Ecoture. I'm thrilled to be writing this and for you to be reading it because it means this little idea has finally come to fruition!

The conception date for Ecoture was the 1st of July, 2016 when my mother, Rebecca, txt me the idea. Four months (123 days, or a mere 2952 hours) later, we’ve launched and I must say, there have been some sleepless nights in between. What we set out to achieve was a website that brings together the best natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable brands, without compromising on style or the shopping experience. Ethical luxe, if you will.

Neither of us have a background in fashion, aside from coveting and wearing it. As a result, this experience has been a bit of a learning curve and we've had to develop skills almost instantaneously to bring it all together. There have been some really fun aspects, like getting to go to collection previews and feeling like Miranda Priestly*, eating delicious vegan treats at our own media preview, and creating wish lists and entirely ethical wardrobes for ourselves. Then there were the not-so-fun aspects such as the 14 to 20 hour days spent at the computer, and late night calls to New York whilst sick and voiceless**. Would we both do it again? Yes! And we’ll continue to work hard to bring you the best ethical and sustainable fashion from around the world.

We’ve often been asked who our demographic is but that's tough for us to pin down. Simply put, it's anyone with the right mindset. Someone who wants to do and be better, a person who believes in themselves and their power to make change. You.

We really hope you love our website as much as we do. And I want you to know that this is only the beginning. We’re constantly on the lookout for other great brands that are aligned with our ethos. If you know of any, drop us a line.

Thanks for your support,

*Antagonist in the Devil Wears Prada, for those unfamiliar with the book/movie. This character was based on, um, an "unknown" magazine editor.

**I was transferred to another person who managed to decipher my simultaneously husky and squeaky Australian accent.