Ethical fashion designers work with PETA India

Showing the way to cruelty-free glamour

Meg and Komie Vora, the designer sisters behind popular Ecoture brand Delikate Rayne, have been appointed as creative directors of a PETA India campaign that focuses attention on animal-friendly clothing and accessories.

US-based Meg and Komie were approached to be creative directors and co-stylists of the 'Fashion Fauxever' campaign. The campaign's look book features not only Delikate Rayne designs, but those of many Indian fashion brands that produce animal-friendly clothing. Faux silk, faux leather and faux suede creations are among the standouts. 

As Komie explained to the Hindustan Times, 'This was to purposely show consumers that you don't have to purchase an item that is made up of animal ingredients because you can achieve the same look and style without sacrificing an animal in the process'. 

Animal lovers and lifelong vegetarians, Meg and Komie started Delikate Rayne in 2013, bringing an uber glamorous spin to ethical fashion. Their range is full of lace-trimmed tops, faux leather jackets, slit skirts, asymmetrical shirts and much more. Celebrities including Kendall Jenner, pop singer JoJo and actors Jessica Szhor (Gossip Girl) and Jeanette McCurdy are all fans ... as are we. 

Meg and Komie recently spoke to the Hindustan Times about their label, the fashion scenario today and the evolution of ethical fashion. 

You can read the full interview here, and view our current collection of Delikate Rayne here.

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