The ABC's of vegan fashion

In this Easy Vegan podcast, image consultant and editor-in-chief of online magazine La Fashionista Compassionista Adrienne Borgersen talks to JL Field about how to build a vegan and cruelty-free wardrobe. 

Adrienne (like us) believes the future of fashion is cruelty-free.

Some of the key takeaways: 

  • If you want to transition your wardrobe to being completely cruelty-free, doing it gradually is okay: 'Nobody's telling you that you have to throw out all of your clothes and start from scratch'. 
  • Get rid of items in your wardrobe that you don't love or that don't work for you, whether or not they're animal based: 'Just get rid of them' (in a responsible way, of course). [If you're looking to donate clothes and accessories that are in good condition, take a look at our Waste not, Want not initiative and earn Ecoture Loop points while also helping our charity partners Wear for Success and St Kilda Gatehouse.]
  • If you have an animal-based piece that is special to you (a favourite leather jacket or pair of boots, for instance), think of it as 'pre-gan' (pre-vegan) and wear it guilt free for as long as it makes you happy to do so.
  • When you do eventually get rid of animal-based items in your wardrobe, look to replace them with pieces that are compassionate and cruelty-free. Fantastic fashionable and quality cruelty-free options abound, just take a look at our Vegan Collection for inspiration.
  • The same with your skincare and makeup products: When you're done with what you already have, simply make more compassionate choices when replacing them. Again, quality vegan and cruelty-free options abound - check out our Beauty Collection for some of the best. (Note that while all of our beauty products are cruelty-free, a handful are not vegan because they contain ingredients such as beeswax and honey. Check the Values tab below each product description to be sure.)

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